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I’m the Understudy to the “Maps” App, and Tonight Could Be My Night

Wake up, me! Stop dreaming and look alive! This is my moment. I see Them, their gloved fingers a crescendo of taps on the buttons above me, entering those precious numbers and letters that bring me to life, infused with the joy of guiding others to their sacred destination.


CARTOON: Hopping Truth

Hare-raising Conspiracies. Today’s cartoon by Jose Arroyo and Rob Kutner.

Best of 2022

I’ve Got My Online Security Locked Down

You need a credit card number? Joke’s on you, because every piece of my buying habits you get, I get a few points closer to a free scarf from Banana Republic.


Hallmark’s Other Winter Holiday Movies

“Rome is Where the Heart Is” (Saturnalia) – Augustina Septima Flavius is a Roman citizen in the year 122 C.E. who oversees grain taxation in the colonies, but can’t see the coldness in her own heart. That is, until one December when she and her phalanx of publicans invade the small, quaint, tax-evading town of Emotius Acres.


Shocking Twists Recalibrated For Cardiac Patients

“Fight Club” – Brad Pitt and Ed Norton turn out to be the same person – when it comes to their taste in room décor. The real first rule of Fight Club? “Do not talk about where you got that adorable area rug!” 


COMIC-CON 2019: Amended Schedule

12:00pm – TRIBUTE: “Hello Kitty – 45 Years of Delighting Girls and Arousing Creeps” 1:00pm – GAMERS DISCUSSION: “What I‘m Told Sunlight Feels Like” and more.


White Mirror

Dressed-for-yoga MADISON has a higher-tech-looking FitBit-esque device strapped to her wrist. The device’s readout says, “KALE LEVELS LOW” and a robotic voice from it says, “Now teleporting you to Whole Foods.” She disappears in a whoosh of self-satisfaction.