Fallout Events From the Trump Video



In a surprise move the Tic-Tac organization chooses to embrace Trumps recent comments with new slogan “Grab Life By The Pussy!”

Billy Bush resigned to being the most reviled person in history to have the last name Bush.

Trump’s audience of sexual predators, perverts and inbred morons now even more behind his Presidential campaign.

Female Trump supporters now feel even more close to him, as he now reminds them even more of Daddy.

Trump University now only the second most embarrassing thing to be associated with Trump.

Trump finally receives the endorsement of a newspaper, The New Republic Rapist Times.

Trump considering removal of “Most Grab-able Vagina” category from Miss Universe competition.

Trump possibly moving he and his family to one of his few islands that haven’t been foreclosed on.

Melania relieved to learn that other women possibly have been bullied into having sex with her nauseatingly grotesque, bloated monster of a husband.