Is Your Dating App Match, A Bit Too Much Of A Match? Welcome to Incestry FAQ

Folks are clamoring to the new Incestry website, as there’s a sudden, genuine need to find out if this new person you find so relatable is someone that you’re actually related to.    But they have other questions as well, which is why the Incestry site has a FAQ section….

Incestry’s FAQ Page…

Q:  How do you find out if a potential dating partner is related to me?   You don’t ask my mom, do you?   Please don’t ask my mom!    She think that I’m still dating Sheila, and her heart will be broken when she discovers otherwise.

Q:  Is this not the site where you can find that cute cousin that you remember from family get-togethers as a kid?    Where is that site?

Q:  If I use your services after having already “sealed the deal” with my new dating partner, and then I discover that we are in fact related, are you going to tell on me?

Q:  Just out of curiosity, in which states is it okay to date a first cousin?   Do those states have decent school systems?

Q:  C’mon, at some point, aren’t we all really related?   I mean, what’s the big deal?    What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him, right?

Q:  If you guys are wrong, and then my kid comes out with gills or an extra arm, do I get a refund or something?

Q:  What if you discover that I am related to my new dating partner, but she’s like, really, really hot, and I’m pretty sure that I’ll never be able to get someone that hot ever again?   Are you going to blow it for me?

Q:  If I am related to my new dating partner, maybe it could be a religious thing?   Are there any religions where it’s okay, or even required, to date someone that you’re related to?    Could you post a link to their websites?