Minutes From Last Months Meeting Of BRONIE, The Social Group For Men Who Are Obsessed With My Little Pony

Half an hour spent by Brian calming other members down, assuring them that it’s perfectly okay for grown men to be obsessed with My Little Pony. Check and make sure that each member’s Xanax prescription is up to date with plenty of refills.

Other members express sympathy to Edward over his recent divorce.

Also condolences for Kenneth, Brad, Tim, Brent, Simon, Eduardo, Philip and Edgar re their recent divorces.

Discuss firing website moderator who won’t remove misleading info on group site that claims BRONIE stands for Broken, Reclusive Oddballs Needing Immediate Euthanasia.

Forty-seven minutes spent going through group’s Facebook page, erasing rude messages from fake members who signed up just to be mean.

One hour and fifteen minutes spent with the group outside, fashioning the huge spray-painted image of the large penis on the side of Simon’s house into a My Little Pony character(Twilight Sparkle, because of the mostly purple color of both images).

Half an hour spent discussing last week’s Bronie gathering in front of city hall, protesting the recent local ordinance that requires all Bronies to notify neighbors in person of their presence when moving into a new neighborhood.

Thirty-eight minutes spent researching a lawyer who might represent us re Edgar’s recent back tattoo (which did include the My Little Pony character that Edgar requested, but engaged in activities that Edgar did NOT request, and that Fluttershy would NEVER perform upon a lactating dragon).