Pick-Up Lines To Use At A Trump Rally

“It would be a damn shame to cover that pretty face with a COVID mask.”

“Say, is that a confederate flag thong I see peeking out of the back of those daisy dukes?”

“I’m feeling light-headed and out of breath, and I’m pretty sure that I don’t have the coronavirus.”

” The fake news media says stand six feet apart, but the heart says snuggle right up next to you, darlin’.”

“You seem the like type of person who would lie to me, cheat without remorse, and leave me a crumpled, broken shell of a person. Sure, let’s go grab a drink!!”

“Is the MyPillow guy here? I’m suddenly thinking that we might have use of his 2 for 1 pillow sale offer.”

“Honey, you put the ‘fox’ in FOX News.”

“Hey good lookin’, could I buy you a drink to wash down that handful of hydroxychloroquine?”

“You’re the proof that there are good people on both sides.”

“Oh baby… I’m going to go down quicker than a confederate statue in a candy-ass liberal state!”