Best of 2023

Playlist: Classic Songs Updated For Privileged White Men

Generational Money

Originally by Pink Floyd

Born To Run A Hedge Fund

Originally by Bruce Springsteen

Johnny Bartholomew van der Goode 

Originally by Chuck Berry

I’m A Believer That I Earned This 

Originally by the Monkees

Colleges Don’t Stop Believin’ That I Actually Play Water Polo

Originally by Journey

You’ve Got A Friend That Could Refer Me At McKinsey, Right?

Originally by James Taylor

Consequences, Don’t Stop Me Now

Originally by Queen

I Fought The Law But My Dad’s A Lawyer And Knows The Judge So I Won

Originally by The Crickets

Smooth Acquitted Criminal

Originally by Michael Jackson

In My Room In Tribeca That Father Still Pays For Even Though I’m 28

Originally by The Beach Boys

Should I Stay Or Should I Go Back To Wharton

Originally by The Clash

The Joker Is Misunderstood In That Movie

Originally by Steve Miller Band

Man! I Feel Like Taking Credit For An Idea I Stole From A Woman!

Originally by Shania Twain

Second Homeward Bound

Originally by Simon & Garfunkel

Fortunate Son (no edits)

Originally by Creedence Clearwater Revival