President Trump’s Black History Month Checklist

☐  Why no White History Month? Have someone look into that.

☐  Need to get more likes from black people on Twitter! Must make this a priority. Maybe start something called “Black Likes Matter“? Yes! Pretty sure that they’d love that!

☐  Begin plans to make another wall, but this time, a wall that they’ll all enjoy! They can write graffiti on it, and so on.

☐  Remind everyone that I had a meeting with Jay Z. Does that still count?

☐  High five a few of the janitors at Trump Tower.

☐  Remember my motto: “When it comes to grabbing pussy, a black cat is not bad luck.”

☐  Hum along and snap my fingers to some fine rap ditties. Vanilla Ice? Pet Shop Boys? The sky’s the limit.

☐  Spend some extra time with Dr. Ben Carson. Melania has been having quite a few headaches of late, maybe that’s a good opportunity to have everyone get together, have him take a look at her?