Rejected Buzzfeed Questions

Between Zesty Blood Orange, Ginger Lime, Feisty Cherry Or Twisty Mango, Which New Diet Coke Flavor Would Be Your Stripper Name?

Brad Pitt Or Angelina Jolie: If They Were Your Parents, Which One Would You Choose To Live With?

If You Were A Mutating Covid-19 Strain, Which Would You Be?

Which Character Are You From The Sitcom Normal, Ohio?

If You Were A ‘shit-hole Country,’ Which Would You Be?

What Side Effect To Roundup Weed Killer Best Describes You?

Which Country On The “It’s A Small World, After All” Disneyland Ride Would You Most Want To See Nuked?

If You Could Be Just One Letter Of Band Abba, Which Would It Be?

Which Cholesterol Medication Are You?

Which Member Of Rutherford B. Hayes’s Cabinet Are You?

What Voice In Kanye West’s Head Speaks Best For You?