Best Of 2021

CAPTCHAs for Women

Identify all of the red lights in this photo that you did not notice had changed to green when you were stopped at them, thinking about all of the times he couldn’t so much as text you back and here you are, bringing his cat to the vet.

Select all of the pictures of homes you could afford if student loan debt was erased.

Are there bodies of water in this image, and looking at them, are you thinking about Virginia Woolf wading into them or are you instead reminded that Nicole Kidman won critical praise for wearing a prosthetic nose?

Which of these office buildings look like ones where you have worked hard day after day, year after year for a fraction of what the guy next to you earns and why have you not seen him in weeks seriously how much more vacation time does he get?

Click on all of the images that have responses to one of your tweets that ignore your very clearly stated expertise in the field you are posting about.

Which of these photos has a breakfast with less than 350 calories, at least 12 grams of fiber, and less than five grams of sugar, and how much of your life did you spend monitoring what you eat to answer this question correctly?

Select all of the streets on which you could be catcalled as you’re just trying to carry your groceries home after a long day at work.

Which of these pop stars from your youth were treated unfairly in ways that damaged your own sense of self? Hint: This is a trick, it’s all of them.

Select all the pictures that have hashtags that apply to you. If they disappear as you click on them, that’s support for collective action about them fading. Keep trying to click as they disappear.