CARTOON: Bird Words

Baby booked. Today's cartoon by Mira Scharf.

Movies In the Cocaine Bear Cinematic Universe

Alcohol Walrus, Weed Donkey, Ether Bunny, and more!

CARTOON: Hairy Heist

The night is ours! Today's cartoon by Drew Panckeri.

Meet the Animal Mayors Running, Scampering, and Flying for Reelection in 2022

Tippy the Tortoise | Florida: Affectionately known as the “Marsh Monarch,” Tippy has been mayor of this coastal city for 95 years. He has seen mighty politicians rise and fall, and yet he has remained. Despite a rumored networth of $7B, he has been plagued by financial troubles: he has sired thousands of children and his exes are all extremely litigious.

CARTOON: Cat Island

Keep looking. Today's cartoon by Catherine Martha Holmes.

Assertiveness Training for Geese

At H.O.N.K., we believe in equality. A bold vision of a future in which all humans are equally terrified of geese. Where geese hold our rightful place at the top of the New Jersey Merrill Lynch corporate headquarters artificial pond food-chain. We are facilitating a 360-degree rebrand on the whole goose and nothing but the goose.

CARTOON: Bird Watching

But who is watching the watchers? Today's cartoon by Dan Misdea.


Something's afoot. Today's cartoon by Vaughan Tomlinson.


Cape Deer, Mortal Wombat, Farmageddon, and more #AnimalActionMovies on this week's trending joke game!

17 Extinct Dog Breeds

Palmeranian (phylangesis floofli) A toy breed known for its ability to hold a basketball and to tell the future the Palmeranian became threatened after the invention of gloves and mittens which led to its inevitable suffocation.

What Your Animal Tattoo Says About You

Lion (male): Your masculinity is toxic. Lion (female): You’re forced to carry the emotional labor for your entire family. Scar from The Lion King: You are murderously jealous of your older, more successful brother.


Laverne & Squirrelly, Stork and Mindy, Fresh Off The Goat, and more #animalsitcoms on this week's trending joke game!

CARTOON: Bloomed

Thriving without us. Today's cartoon by Hilary Allison.

CARTOON: Going Deep

Maybe a little of both? Today's cartoon by Joseph Dottino.

CARTOON: Precautions

Has a point. Today's cartoon by Peter Kuper.

CARTOON: Decisions, Decisions

New Year, New You. Sigh, what the shell am I gonna wear today? Today's cartoon by Mike Shiell.

CARTOON: In Holiday Heat

That's not Rudolph's nose. Today's cartoon by Brandon Hicks.

CARTOON: Christmas Spirit

Less is more. Today's cartoon by Mike Shiell.

Rockefeller Turkey Farm- Turkeys You Can Be Proud Of

Here at Rockefeller Turkey Farm, not only are our turkeys vegetarian fed, organic, and free range, they are the only turkeys anywhere who've each earned a liberal arts degree.

The Art Of The Slaughter: 7 More Humane Ways To Kill Your Livestock

1. Take your animal to an upscale Italian restaurant. About…

Don Jr. Presents: Wonders of the Animal Kingdom

The Monkey   Our first animal today, children, is the…

Scientists Bring Back Dodo From Extinction For The Fourth Time

“Scientist leading ‘de-extinction’ effort says Harvard…

So You’re Thinking of Symbolically Adopting an Elephant

It may be the biggest decision in your life. If it is, consider…