Memo from the Office of the Vice Chancellor of the Lizard Overlord Project to the Costuming Department

And what is going on with Bill Barr’s facial unit?  The prototype we were shown had a full range of mobility and expression.  The unit in the field now has become the target of ridicule and given rise to unwelcome notoriety through slurs like “Resting Bill Barr Face” and “Attorney General Grumpy Cat”.

Barr Walks Into A Bar...

Barr Walks Into A Bar and the bartender says, "What can I get for you, buddy?".   Barr replies, "It's been a rough week.   Better make it something stiff."   The bartender then says, "Stiffer than the penalty for contempt of court?"

Muelling Things Over with Bob Mueller

(additional editor's note: all of Mr. Mueller's advice has been edited for content by Attorney General William Barr)


'Hamberders', 'Pee Pee Tape', 'Who's Tiffany?' and many more #TopRedactedWords in this week's hashtag game!

Shocking Redacted Bits From The Mueller Report

The words, "No Collusion" had been scrawled with a child-like hand onto each surface of the small restroom, written with what could only be ████████████████ and didn't even wipe them off of the walls before the next day's tour groups could discover the ███████████ and horrific scene.

CARTOON: Redaction Faction

Need more paint and marker for cover-up, er, um...redaction. Today's cartoon by Paul Lander and Dan McConnell.

CARTOON: Barred Mueller Report

Barr totally read the Mueller Report, so you don't have to. Like CliffsNotes! Stop asking so many questions. Today's cartoon by Ivan Ehlers.