Barr Walks Into A Bar…

Barr Walks Into A Bar and the bartender says, “Say, we don’t get many traitors to the country in here.”    Barr replies, “And at these prices, you won’t be getting many more.”, to which the bartender says, “Oh, that’s right, you folks prefer to order off of a dollar menu.”

Barr Walks Into A Bar and the bartender says, “What can I get for you, buddy?”.   Barr replies, “It’s been a rough week.   Better make it something stiff.”   The bartender then says, “Stiffer than the penalty for contempt of court?”

Barr Walks Into A Bar and says, “Hey, don’t mind me.   It’s been a tough couple of weeks, and I just need someplace to hide out for a bit.”   The bartender replies, “How about Russia?   You guys seem to have lots of friends there.”

Barr Walks Into A Bar and says, “Do you mind if I just sit and nurse a drink for awhile?   I really need to just take five.”    The bartender replies, “Sure, no problem pal.   But to be honest, you’re probably looking at five to ten.”

Barr Walks Into A Bar and says, “Is this a bar for Democrats or Republicans?”   The bartender replies, “Most people have a full mouth of teeth when they walk in here, so I guess it’s a bar for Democrats.”

Barr Walks Into A Bar and sets the Constitution on the bar.   He then orders a drink, and sets the drink on top of the document.  The bartender asks, “Hey pal, what exactly do you think that you’re doing there?”, to which Barr replies, “Oh.  Well, it doesn’t seem to be good for much else these days, so I figured I would just use it as a drink coaster.”