CARTOON: Shark Beak

Begins with a fin! Today's cartoon by Catherine Martha Holmes.

CARTOON: Bird Words

Baby booked. Today's cartoon by Mira Scharf.

CARTOON: Second of Appreciation

What did you want, a whole 2 minutes of quiet? Today's cartoon by Dan Misdea.

CARTOON: Bird Brain

Sounds reasonable. Today's cartoon by Peter Kuper.

Assertiveness Training for Geese

At H.O.N.K., we believe in equality. A bold vision of a future in which all humans are equally terrified of geese. Where geese hold our rightful place at the top of the New Jersey Merrill Lynch corporate headquarters artificial pond food-chain. We are facilitating a 360-degree rebrand on the whole goose and nothing but the goose.

CARTOON: Bird Watching

But who is watching the watchers? Today's cartoon by Dan Misdea.

Home Depot’s Updated In-Store Bird Policy

Thank you for choosing Home Depot, where doers get more done.…

CARTOON: Bird Brain

Quick unsend! Come back! Today's cartoon by David Ostow and Dan Salomon.

Goodbye Birds

But so long most of all, to the one we called regal. Goodbye to our very own proud bald eagle.

What the Hell, Hummingbirds?

Screw that! You’re not special, just because you flap your wings up to 80 times per second and have a heart rate that reaches 1,260 beats per minute. Big whoop! I have a heart too you know, and while it might not beat as fast as yours does, it can still break when its birdwatching needs go unfulfilled.

How An Avid Birder Describes A 0-0 Football Game Scoreboard

On one side of the scoreboard, an ostrich’s egg. On the other, a hummingbird’s egg. Thanks for inviting me to the tailgate, by the way. It’s great to meet my new neighbors. 


Trust your hairdresser. Today's cartoon by Madeline Horwath

Thoughts on the Proposed Ban on Feeding Birds and Squirrels in New York City Parks, from the Birds and Squirrels

TINA, GREY SQUIRREL: They wouldn't be bothering with this ban if they knew how close they are to extinction.