New Event Venues for Climate Change

Outdoor Film in the Cavern, Bowling in the Cavern, Concert… in the Cavern and more!

The State of the All-American Hot Dog

The Climate? The Wealth Gap? The Supply Chain? See it as a hotdog! You know you are wondering...

We’re The Weather Channel and If You Don’t Subscribe to Our Premium Site We Will Start Sacrificing Oxen to Zeus

Some of you call us panic salesmen but still demand unfettered access to terror-inducing forecasts in 15-minute increments. All we know is that keeping up with the extreme weather flavor for the week can really mean the difference between life and death in this anthropogenic apocalyptic shitscape.

CARTOON: Globoil Warming

Frog blog. He's done his own research. Today's cartoon by Grant McAloon.

Our Family Faces Many Challenges Inside This Closed Garage

OK, honey, we get it. You’re saying that the issue of the rising CO1 levels in our closed garage is very important to you. And we appreciate that you’re passionate about it. Try to remember that everyone in this minivan has issues that we care about and think are very important. They can’t all be first, so let’s take them one at a time, OK, sweet pea? Good.

CARTOON: Stormy Arguments

Take the high ground, if you can find it. Today's cartoon by Peter Kuper.

An Open Letter On Climate Change From Me, A Mobster…

So, guys in my rarefied profession don’t usually weigh in on the “news of the day.” But when an issue starts to affect my business? Something’s gotta get said. (And in case any made men just started makin’ in their pants? Exhale. I ain’t a rat. No names.) OK, here goes: We gotta do something to fight this Climate Change thing.

We’ve Updated Our Preschool’s Curriculum to Help Your Toddler Survive the Coming Climate Apocalypse

Connect with Nature: I try to strike a balance between giving your children hope and crushing their cute little souls with the reality of climate change, so in response to the cries of “I’m hungry!” and “I’ll even eat my vegetables,” I’ve started a small garden. Max loves digging his hands in the contaminated soil but he broke down in tears when he realized those seeds have zero chance of becoming edible food.

CARTOON: Bald Spot

Maybe try a cold comb over? Today's cartoon by Dan Misdea.

CARTOON: Doom Boom

Use it or lose it. Today's cartoon by Peter Kuper.

I’m Going to Take all My Emotions About The World’s Crises and Stuff Them Into the Discourse Surrounding HBO’s The White Lotus

Talking heads spreading disinformation about the vaccine we all prayed for? Crowds threatening to lynch a man over a mask mandate? Surely this madness is woven into our cultural DNA, but that doesn’t make it any easier to watch. Speaking of things that aren’t easy to watch: Was that CGI or was Armond taking an *actual shit*??

CARTOON: Heating Up

“Hmm so you recommend we take some action? We’ll consider it.” Today's cartoon by Peter Kuper.

Despite the Fact That I Personally Orchestrated His Release From Arkham Asylum, It Is Not My Responsibility as Mayor of Gotham City to Protect Citizens From Mr. Freeze

Only the strong who have a $50,000 backup generator in their basement will survive. The weak (poor), who do not have a $50,000 backup generator that has been specially programmed to be resistant to the cryogenics of Mr. Freeze will ultimately perish. Don’t blame me, blame your elected officials. No, not me. Your other elected officials. 

Summer Camps for the Modern Child

Camp Anti-Vaxxer, Camp Smash the Patriarchy, Camp Climate Change Survival and more!

Okay, Fine, I’ll Solve Climate Change

I suggest the following be recognized as valid, important, and, dare I say, brave forms of energy-saving and recycling: Retweeting your own tweets, Only saying “bless you” once when someone sneezes a bunch of times in a row Wearing the same sweatpants forever, Copying and pasting the sunglasses emoji in response to all text messages

CARTOON: Snowman Baseball

We need to bring the heat. Opening day cartoon by Bob Eckstein.

The Climate Change Diet

Notice that shirt flares around buttons near belly. Consider switching detergents or using a cold-only cycle. Laundry is ruining your wardrobe.

News Stories You May Have Missed During The Kavanaugh Fiasco...

Nudists Not Allowed In Cake Shop, Birdhouse Projects On The Up And Up, and more headlines you missed!

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