CARTOON: Screen Time

Attention spanned. Today's cartoon by Rachelle Meyer.

Welcome to The Lure, A New Coworking Space For Women Who Are Sea Hags

Apply Now: Fill out your application and chart a new course for your life! And while you're here, chart the course of that Caribbean cruise you've been dreaming about. The doomed won't feast upon themselves, ladies!

Yes, My Internet is Also Down

I feel so alone right now. The rest of you are just going ahead and working like there's no problem, like one of your coworkers isn't totally without internet. You really find out who your friends are when your internet's down. I feel like a wounded buffalo that the herd is moving away from so I don't weaken the group.

Awfully Critical Software Updates

Tinder: We read through your messages and we’ve selected you to beta test our new superdislike feature. And more.