CARTOON: Stupid Cupid

He murdered... my heart. Today's cartoon by Phil Witte.

CARTOON: Supremely Courted

Injustice League has ruled. Today's cartoon by Peter Kuper.

Headlines From the Dominion / Fox News Trial We Will Never Get To See...

Fox Newscasters Arrive at Court Hearing Atop 4 Flying Horses, Swarm of Locusts Found on Sean Hannity During Pre Trial Security Screening, Judge Jeanine Pirro Appears Anxious, Uneasy In Presence of Real Judge, and more!

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Facts

Ruth Bader Ginsburg doesn't protect the constitution, because it would be ridiculous to forget the whole point of the constitution is to protect people.

A Prepared Statement for Fighting My Speeding Ticket

Your Honor, ladies and gentlemen of traffic court, I am here…

About Your Claim in the Class Action Lawsuit

  To whom it may concern:   This is to notify…