Headlines From the Dominion / Fox News Trial We Will Never Get To See…

Fox Newscasters Arrive at Court Hearing Atop 4 Flying Horses

Judge Accidentally Taps Tucker on Top of Head With Mallet for the Third Time

Unaccustomed to Telling the Truth, Fox Newscasters Fumble Awkwardly Through Testimony

Lucifer Enjoying the Show, Gives Murdoch Another Five Years of Life to Keep Things Going

President Trump Offers to Bury Hatchet by Lying on the Stand for Fox

Swarm of Locusts Found on Sean Hannity During Pre Trial Security Screening

Judge Jeanine Pirro Appears Anxious, Uneasy In Presence of Real Judge

Courtroom Sketch Artist Leaving Brown Chalk, Watercolors at Home

Swearing in Bible Replaced by Dog-Eared Copy of Mein Kampf

Laura Ingraham Seemingly Oblivious as She Bloodily Delivers Antichrist on Witness Stand