Ask Dr. Kit: Pup Smear - Veterinary Queries

Dear Nuts...   You're trying to get me to use the phrase, "you should drain your lizard".   And I'm not going to do it.   Nope.   Please discontinue this nonsense.

COVID-19 Pickup Lines

Do you come here to panic buy often?

CARTOON: Capitilizing on Coronavirus

Purell Park: Guaranteed to kill 99% of the fun! And more business ideas in today's cartoon by Brandon Hicks.

Buy My Book, It Will Protect You from the Coronavirus, Says Author Whose Public Appearances Have All Been Canceled

How can my book protect you, then? Well, for one thing, it’s such a compelling read you won’t want to leave your house, and if you don’t leave your house, you can’t catch anything.

CARTOON: Sanitized

And repeat, and repeat, and repeat...Today's cartoon by Andy Cowan and Dan McConnell.