Cherry Pieden, Butter Emails, Bundtigieg Cake, and more #DemocratDesserts on this week's joke game!

My Name is Elizabeth Warren, and I Have a Plan to Destroy All of Them

Amy Klobuchar – Amy is smart, strong, and a real contender, which is why I look forward to our dance-off. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I have the wiry energy of a coked-up greyhound and I will END her. 

The Road To A Tom Steyer Presidency

STEP 11 -- America impeaches, in this order, Donald Trump, Mike Pence, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Grassley, Mike Pompeo, and, for good measure, the next 9 people in line for presidential succession.

CARTOON: Vote Victrola!

Hop on the telegraph and spread the word! Today's cartoon by Ali Solomon.

Blistering Democratic Presidential Debate Clapbacks

"And we'd also like to thank Senator Sanders for being a champ and staying up past eight in order to attend these debates."

CARTOON: Debatable

Debatable demo. Today's cartoon by Kit Lively and David DeGrand.

Bernie Sanders Campaign Groupie Sex Diary

It's proven to be a passionate electoral season, and voters have…