QUIZ: Classic SNL Sketch or Unhinged Social Media Ad?

You were born into the misinformation age and are addicted to the internet, but which generation are you at heart? Self-diagnose yourself as a true Gen X, Millennial, or Generation Z by testing your dated pop-culture knowledge and your grasp of online marketing grifts.

We Aren’t Coddling Our Gen Z Students, but They Think Your Class Is Too Hard, so You’re Fired

The University takes the success of our students very seriously. Especially the success of students who grew up getting trophies for losing. Now, we’ve gotten word that many students are distressed over the difficulty of your Organic Chemistry course. So do you mind handing in your Faculty ID? We simply can’t have you failing students who don’t deserve to pass.

10 Things I (A Gen X Parent) Have Learned From My Gen Z Kids — In Haiku

Asking if a friend/ Is online or in real life/ Invalidates them

The Life Coaching for Life Coaches’ Life Coaches Seminar Is Full

Look, time is short. Society is about collapse. We all know it. There’s only so long we can profit from this mad bottle of wasps before it blows up in all our faces. But self maximization to achieve all your goals and also the next goals you haven’t even visualized yet, are just within your reach.

National Park Safety Rules for Gen-Z

Record Tik Tok Dances Only at our Designated Locations: While we are grateful of our youths eagerness to publicize (for free) the beauty of mountains, prairies and oceans - please be advised that doing so near a cliff and/or water feature may result in injury and more importantly, the loss of postable content. Feel free to take photos and videos where you wish, but limit dancing and to our marked TikTok friendly zones located throughout each of our parks.

Updated Religion Slogans for Gen-Z Recruitment

Agnosticism: The Joy of Missing Out, and more.