A Modern Guide To Translating Small Talk

"Pretty chilly today!" usually means "The army of rabid weasels that I control with my mind can be here before you have a chance to remove me from these premises."

Find the Best Swimsuit for Your Evacuation Type This Flood Season

Flood season is upon us, ladies! And you don't want to be found after three days on a life raft without looking your best! Shopping for a flood season swimsuit can be daunting. You want something flattering, stylish, and comfortable but that also screams – “Please evacuate me!” 

These Foods Could Be Killing You!

Hummus: According to experts, 1 in 20 tubs of commercially produced hummus contains a bloodthirsty shark. Hummus companies are not sure why.

Your Guide to the Super Bowl

A cool piece of trivia to know is that in the olden days, football used to be played with a blown up pig bladder, until one day, someone was like, “Hey guys, why don’t we try using one of these footballs we have lying around instead?”

The Weekly Humorist Guide To Gadget & Gizmo Gifts That You Have To Have In Order To Remain Relevant To Your Friends, And To Yourself

The folks at Facebook were toying around with the idea of calling this video communication system the Facebook Portal, but let's face it, we know what you disgusting perverts are going to use it for. So, the Facebook Porn-al it is.