The Bullshit Artist

George Santos, as we know, is also an international film star, he and his co-star Kitara Ravache, are up for an Oscar in the new film, The Bullshit Artist'! It's remarkable, with his animal charity work, elected office, and work as a eyewear model, that he finds the time to do it all! Fingers crossed!

Quiz: Jon Lovitz as SNL character Tommy Flannigan or Congressman George Santos

Married to Morgan Fairchild, Played Third Base for KC Royals in the World Series, Star of Baruch College volleyball team, President of Pathological Liars Association. And more!

Letter of Apology from George Santos

Did I make a few fibs about my income along the way? Maybe. It’s not entirely my fault, though. There was that thing at Maya Angelou’s annual solstice party when I thought Sting had asked me, “Are you South American?” To which I answered, “Brazilian”. But what he actually said was, “How much money did you make in 2008?”, and he thought I said, “A bazillion”. An honest mistake, and I realized later but didn’t want to correct him. I mean, it’s Sting.

Can You Tell Me How to Get, How to Get Away From Cancelled Street? Sesame Street Characters Apology Tour

Pyramid schemes, missing underpants, Fraggle centipedes, and a big nest on Epstein's island, put these well loved Muppets in hot water.

Heroic Cover-Up Stories for Embarrassing Injuries

So you…Broke your arm while dream-fencing. / Say you… broke your arm while real-life fencing. It sounds very noble and you don’t have to worry about follow-up questions because nobody really knows how fencing works.

CARTOON: Human Lie Detector

Robo-Mueller, today's cartoon by Marty Dundics