Quiz: Jon Lovitz as SNL character Tommy Flannigan or Congressman George Santos

1. Star of Baruch College volleyball team

2. Stockbroker in India

3. Mugged while delivering his rent check

4. Hung five while surfing a mini tidal wave

5. Married to Morgan Fairchild

6. Lost four employees at Pulse nightclub shooting

7. Graduated from Harvard with Phd in Biogenetics

8. Jew-ish

9. Brazilian Drag Queen Kitara Ravache

10. Played Third Base for KC Royals in the World Series

11. Mom died during 9/11 attack

12. President of Pathological Liars Association

13. Appeared on “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody” AND “Hannah Montana.”

14. Worshipped as a God by Brazilian Amazon tribe