In Order to Appease Everyone in Our Community, We Decided to Rename Our School to 'Robert E. Lee Was Bad High School'

Our superintendent is more than pleased with our decision, stating that our school’s new name will make it perfectly clear that any discrimination in the halls of Robert E. Lee Was Bad is bad. We hope that the community also recognizes that absolutely no hate or prejudice at Robert E. Lee Was Bad is good. It’s bad.

How NFL Teams Got Their Names

New York Giants: The team is named after New Yorker Elmer Alvin Doe’s masterpiece “The Giant,” with the famous line: Quoth the Giant “Nah-vermore.”

EXCERPT: The Complete Book of Cat Names (That Your Cat Won't Answer to, Anyway)

Basically, a baby name book but the babies were replaced by kittens. There are over 100,000 names…with about a 1,000 included in this book. The following is a sampling, in topics: Cats That Refuse To Use Litter Box: Surprises, U Kitten Me, Scat Cat. Porn Names For Cats: Kitty Kitty Bang Bang. Deep Coat, and more. Makes a purrrfect gift.

Quiz: 2022 Wimbledon Finalist or Scripps Spelling Bee Word

Micawber, Rybakina, Kyrgios, Sirtaki, some are names, some are words, but they all are impossibly hard to spell.

Kyrgyzstani Political Leader or Letters Randomly Typed with My Eyes Closed

Baktykozha Izmukhambetov, Trcghed Acfsfgth, Grcguhgyy Dwfebuuh, and more!

Rejected Names For The Royal Baby

Chunderly, Prince Princely Pooferpants, Brexie and more.

Quiz: Kyrgyzstani Political Leader or Letters Randomly Typed with My Eyes Closed

1. Almazbek Atambayev 2. Trcghed Acfsfgth 3. Grcguhgyy…