Benjamin Moore Paint Palettes Used In The Making Of The Over-The-Top Barbie Movie

Dream Colors for Climate Change: There’s no camouflaging our burning planet. So might as well use paint colors that can be seen miles away in outer space. Maybe in a perfect world we’ll be rescued by a fleet of alien dolls.

Paintings of Classical Antiquity That Pay Homage To Breasts

Welcome to the Breastish Museum in London, a Victorian brownstone dedicated to celebrating women, whose fronts have been at the center of the art world for millennia. On our top floor, we pay homage to masterpieces that supported the idea of breasts as the one power women had in classical antiquity. Indeed, most forward-thinking, high-minded male painters who influenced modern philosophy and pioneered cultural movements (European Neoclassicism, for example,) had the genius to recognize the need for women to bare their chests whenever possible. 

Bob Ross Teaches the Joy of Painting Your Crippling Anxiety

Let’s get started. Today we are going to put some of nature’s masterpieces right here on the canvas. We’ll use about a dozen magical colors and the same number of imagined heart attacks. 

CARTOON: Shock Shlock

What would become to be known as the lowest point. Today's cartoon by Jeffrey Curnow.

CARTOON: Much Latergram

Felt cute, might eat. Today's cartoon by Mat Barton and Adam Cooper.

CARTOON: Art Class

Frustrating times 8. Today's cartoon by Jack Loftus.

Dear News-Detox Journal

Day 1. Here I am at the Bob Ross Artist…