Benjamin Moore Paint Palettes Used In The Making Of The Over-The-Top Barbie Movie

Popular Hues for an End-Stage World

These pinks on pinks on pinks create an effect that makes the shrinking middle class puke the totally wrong shade of fuchsia.

Dream Colors for Climate Change

There’s no camouflaging our burning planet. So might as well use paint colors that can be seen miles away in outer space. Maybe in a perfect world we’ll be rescued by a fleet of alien dolls.

Interesting Shades of Question

Let’s talk about the power of color in a nursery or on a kitchen apron. Are we all supposed to fit neatly into the perfect color swatch? Also, admit it. You always glance twice at a man in pink. Why’s that exactly?

Perfect-World Problem Tints

How’s this for the pinks of privilege. They’re loud, demanding, and always in need of someone’s manager.

Infuriating Hints of Body Negativity

No Pepto Bismol here. Just perfect bodies that never develop indigestion from overeating. These hues are purely cosmetic.

A Rosy Palate of “Seriously!”

Time to reflect with pink tints of “I can’t believe we’re still dealing with these issues.”