Children’s Programming For Drugged Out Parents

The Flintstoned, Sesame Tweak, Barney the Purple Haze Dinosaur, and more!

It's Fart-Twenty—Time to Get My Public Farting Buzz On!

How great is it that I can blaze up some stew and stroll wherever I please—a river walk like this one, or a botanic garden, or a national monument folks have waited their whole lives to visit—while farting to my heart’s content? How great that everyone finally recognizes that our nation’s most wondrous spaces are even more wondrous when they smell like Joey Chestnut’s bathroom?


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Let's Get High And Go To The Van Gogh Museum

I know I’ve never done marijuana before, but I hear the weed is different here, stronger, fancier, more European. Like people forget where they are and just wander the streets of Amsterdam, with time revealing itself as the manmade construct it’s always been. People say you’ll learn to live fully in the moment, and everything else falls away, like an ear falling off someone’s head.

Most Common FAQ for Wummies Weed Gummies

"Is it advisable to take a gummy before going out to have dinner with friends? And are they really my friends? Why are they all looking at me like that? And why is the waiter trying to read my mind?"


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I, Martha Stewart, Am Certainly Not On Drugs; I’m Just Super Chill and Have the Munchies

My gummies are very popular with influencer bloggers, like Ashley who said they are “like a dream” and “I forgot my kids at school but I really like the berry flavor.” Recently a cooking blogger said “you can just make whatever / it doesn’t even matter anymore” because she loved my lemon CBD oil. Isn’t that delightful?

8 Public Venmo Exchanges your Subconcious Didn't Need to Overanalyze Today

$42.00 from your therapist to her friend Krista for “cocktails Thursday night” - only two hours after your evening session. Is your stress so damn taxing on your therapist that she simply has no choice but to drink her annoyance away? Are you what’s pushing her to have to unwind like this? This feels like a slippery slope.

5 Honest Yelp Reviews About the New Cannabis Cafe in Town

*4 out of 5 stars* Great selection, pleasant atmosphere, and knowledgeable waitstaff. My one complaint: They really need to streamline the payment process. It was unclear to me whether I needed to pay with a card, pay with cash, or whether I had already paid hours ago and the staff was glaring at me, waiting for me to leave. - Daniel M.

CARTOON: Coughference Call

"First, let me thank you all for continuing to work so diligently from home during these very uncertain times and -- oof-- whoever that was, I don't like the sound of that cough."


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CARTOON: Holiday Tripping

Take a holiday trip! Today's cartoon by Scott Nickel!

‘Beaver Tails’ and Other Stocks to Buy Now That Pot is Legal in Canada

Got the munchies eh? These are the stocks to watch!

Goldilocks and the Pineapple Train Wreck

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who had golden, curly…