Most Common FAQ for Wummies Weed Gummies

“If I were to take more than one gummy at a time, would that potentially cause a rapid heartbeat? Or is the rapid heartbeat caused by the fact that my mom has made an appearance in the last seven episodes of Law & Order: SVU?”

“Is it advisable to take a gummy before going out to have dinner with friends? And are they really my friends? Why are they all looking at me like that? And why is the waiter trying to read my mind?”

“I’ve noticed that Wummies gummies can oftentimes cause drowsiness. Is this simply the trixter demon N’aarandhal attempting to lure me into his icy fortress kingdom?”

“Are your Wummies gummy packs sent in unmarked, private mailers? Because I’m pretty sure that my mailman has been hired by my employer to spy on my leisure activities.”

“Do Wummies gummies cause a ‘case of the munchies’ in many users? Also, how can one best stifle the screams of the hoagie that I’m currently eating?”

“Can Wummies cause problems for people with severe allergies? My friend Trish has really bad allergies, and would have a lot of problems when she would come over to watch Battlestar Galactica, mostly because of my cats. Cats are weird, because it’s kind of like they’re sort of like people, but not exactly. But it’s like, they can see you, y’know? Like into your soul. It’s like you can communicate with each other, but on a different plane. It can be beautiful. Did you say something?”