Elevator Pitches for Elevators 

Funhouse mirrors to make riders look thinner to increase their self-confidence, Funhouse mirrors to give riders distorted faces so they don’t get overconfident, Bats, and more!

Teen Comedies For The Upcoming Post-Apocalyptic World

National Lampoon's Animal Cave: What sort of hijinx ensue when humans are forced to live in caves with wild animals? The animals eat the humans, we assume.

April Fools' Day Bingo

Be on the look-out for these bingo pranks. Happy April Fool's!

A Look Back on the Beatles, the Worst Band of the 1990s

“I Wanna Be Your Terminator 2” “With a Little Help from My Friends (Theme from Friends)” “You’re Gonna Lose That Macarena Girl” and more!

Canadians To Stop Making Penises And Six Other Headlines I Read Too Fast And What They Really Said

READ: Cosmetologist wins a Nobel Prize in Physics  WAS: Cosmologist wins a Nobel Prize in Physics


Raiders of the Lost Carp, Death Fish, Get Trout and more #FishAnActionMovie on this week's hashtag game!