Teen Comedies For The Upcoming Post-Apocalyptic World

National Lampoon’s Animal Cave  

What sort of hijinx ensue when humans are forced to live in caves with wild animals?    The animals eat the humans, we assume.


It’s the apocalypse, how is Donald Trump still well-fed and smiling like an idiot??   At least now we know where that orange glow is coming from.

Palace Academy

Starving humans roam a desolate landscape, a thought which terrifies the one percent of the population who are still living a fairly nice existence within their palaces.    The obvious solution?    Have their butlers train a handful of these savage dirt-dwellers to stand guard and protect the frail rich from the savage poor.   Welcome to Palace Academy!

American Graft-The-Needy

Just because society has collapsed and humanity has scurried out in every direction, doesn’t mean that there’s not a profit to be made somehow.    In this in-name only sequel to American Graffiti, a small group of wealthy politicians band together in order to find new ways to tax, swindle and stifle the starving members of the new world order.

Sixteen Cuckholds

A teen girl turning sixteen is disappointed when her family seems to have forgotten her birthday, and then further perturbed to discover that she’s been abducted and taken to Jeffrey Epstein’s private island.

American Pee Tape

Several teen boys make a bet to lose their virginity before graduation, not realizing that in the new world order, sexual affection is shown by watching Russian prostitutes urinate on one another.

The Broke-Fast Club

A group of teens serving Saturday detention struggle to overcome their differing backgrounds, until they discover the one thing that bonds them:   Each of their families contributed large sums of money to the Trump presidential campaign, and are now broke due to the unscrupulous activities of same.