Trump No Longer President? Here’s 50 Things To Stress You Out Instead


  1. The Senate Impeachment Trial

  2. College students in Florida

  3. Your parent/partner/pet crashing your 1:1 Zoom call without realizing they’re on video

  4. Accidentally flashing someone on a Zoom call when unbuttoning your pants after lunch

  5. Watching Tiger King

  6. Learning what the streaming wars are and figuring out which providers to subscribe to

  7. Investing in the stock market

  8. Phlebotomists saying “you’ll feel just a pinch”

  9. TikTok dances

  10. Reading TikTok comments late at night that complain about having school the next day

  11. Realizing how much influencers half your age get paid on TikTok

  12. Finding a Valentine

  13. Counter defrosting frozen meat

  14. Amazon religiously delivering packages to your neighbor

  15. People who don’t believe in wearing sunscreen

  16. The line at the Post Office

  17. Going to the dentist with a cavity and leaving with coronavirus

  18. Anchovies on pizza

  19. Frayed iPhone cords

  20. “u up?” texts

  21. Losing one hour of sleep during Daylight Savings

  22. Seeing Betty White’s name trend on social media

  23. Trying on that pair of jeans you bought in January

  24. Roth IRAs

  25. Seeing your boss typing on Slack

  26. Automatic computer updates

  27. Restaurants advertising calorie counts on their menus

  28. That kid who just took off their mask in front of you and sneezed

  29. Plain White Claw

  30. The current season of The Bachelorette

  31. Black Friday

  32. Buying foundation online since you can’t try it on in-stores

  33. Losing your receipt for the five shades of foundation you purchased online

  34. Lower back pain

  35. Filling out your tax returns when working in a different state during quarantine

  36. Climate change

  37. Cuffing season

  38. Your friend asking if you listened to their podcast

  39. Your friend asking you to be on their podcast

  40. Waiting for your luggage in baggage claim

  41. Asking someone to repeat themselves and still not being able to hear them

  42. Calls that go straight to voicemail

  43. Instagram notifying someone when you screenshot their story

  44. Accidentally liking someone’s Instagram photo from six years ago

  45. Accidentally liking your ex’s photo on Instagram from six seconds ago

  46. Your ex endorsing you on LinkedIn for interpersonal communication skills

  47. Being weighed during a physical

  48. Sober karaoke

  49. The IRS giving you a “payment status not available” screen instead of a stimulus check

  50. The Electoral College