Best of 2020

1930s Life Skills Adapted for the Next Great Depression 2.0

Uber west, young man!

Check in on your Animal Crossing neighbors at least once a week.

Roll your own cigarettes and vaping oil to save money by shortening
your lifespan

Travel to where the influencer work is.

During canning season, preserve plenty of Flaming Hot Cheetos.

Sew new play clothing for the children from discarded phone cases.

Spruce up the walls of your shanty lean-to with copies of your viral tweet.

Collect abandoned hashtags and sell them for firewood.

Make sure the firewall fencing is properly repaired to protect your
Netflix account from digital hobos.

Brew your own 4 Loco.

Attend Virtual GoFundMe Hoedowns to meet new people.  Sarah Elizebeth
is looking mighty cute with her affordable healthcare.

Make stylish Apple watch bands from old curtains.

Train your Roomba to hunt.

Send your kids to the Bitcoin mines.

If you’re a mother, give larger portions of bandwidth to your husband and kids.

Starbucks  loyalty points make for a wonderful dowry.

Console your neighbor when the bank forecloses on their family’s server farm.

Caravan in style with Tesla’s new driverless horses that get
twenty-five miles to the hoof, highway only.

Swipe right in the Sears Roebuck catalog to find Agnes a good match.
Her profile says she is stout, durable, and has good birthing hips.

Tune in the radio every Sunday morning and enjoy fireside chats with
Khole Kardashian.

Choose a 12 digit alphanumeric password to protect your dirt.