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Playground Games for Representatives and Senators at Recess

Donald Says: A variation on the classic “Simon Says” and a GOP must-play. One person pretends to be Donald Trump and says, “Donald says ‘[insert action here]’.”  All the players must do what Donald says. If the person doesn’t insert “Donald says” when requesting the action, those who do the action are out. The last person still in office, or not yet roasting in hellfire, wins.  


The Art of Perfecting the Closed-Lip SOTU Smile!

Nancy Pelosi has her work cut out for her at the State of the Union Address. She’ll need to avoid Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.) because he told her to call “the wall” a “wangdoodle” and now she can’t stop reading Urban Dictionary. Also, she’s really hoping Trump doesn’t mistake Stacey Abrams for April Ryan. But mostly, she’s worried she won’t be able to keep to keep her mouth shut as masterfully as Mike Pence and Paul Ryan did at last year’s SOTU.


TESTIFY Fearless Flying Program

Counseling nervous flyers and victims of sexual assault since 2018! Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be free of panic when confronted with a boarding pass?  Tired of feeling claustrophobic when the aircraft door locks shut? Are you a victim of sexual assault who gets white knuckles just thinking about the […]