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Surviving Compliments: A Field Guide

Make Loud Noises: The only 100% effective way to survive compliments is to avoid them entirely. If you see a complimenter approaching, try scaring them away with loud noises. Bang pots and pans, yell, or fondly talk about the Joe Rogan Podcast.


Advice for Having A Sexy Tax Season

But as your relationship with taxes becomes increasingly intimate, you’ll learn that a tax season is as fickle as it is naughty. After you mail in your taxes you may never see that tax season again. I advise you to move on with your life.


Awkward Interactions Explained by a Guy Who’s Read Famous Author Malcolm Gladwell’s Books Too Much

So it turns out I thought I had hit mute but accidentally did not. My boss says “Gerald are you okay? We can hear you breathing on the line.”. I begin to breathe heavier because famous author Malcolm Gladwell talks about the importance of meditation. I really hope famous author Malcolm Gladwell would be proud of me.