Blow the Roof Off Your Gender Reveal Party With Kickass Pyrotechnics From These Baby-Themed Cover Bands For Hire

Guns N’ Roses N’ Button Noses

Keep On Rockin’ the Baby: The Steve Miller Band Imposters

Livin’ on a Prayer (and No Sleep): Baby Bon Jovi featuring Wittle Wichie Sambowa

Juice Box Hero: The Faux-reigner Fakers

Insane Clown Pacifier

Take a Bottle, Shake It Up: The Def Repplicas

Wish You Were Sleeping: The Pink Fraud Experience

For Those About to Rock (Here’s a Burp Cloth): The AC🗲DC Cover Sham

Quiet (It’s Nap Time) Riot

Off to Never Neverland: The Mini Metallica Mimics

She’s My Sweetie Pie: UnWARRANTed

Newborn in the U.S.A. with Bruce Spring-chicken-steen

Nine Infant Nails plays Pretty Poop Machine in its entirety

2 Minutes to Midnight (and the Baby’s Still Awake): The Iron Maiden Imitators

Stinkfist: A Diaper-Changing Tribute to Tool

A Quick One While He’s Asleep: The Pseudo-Who

18 Weeks and Life: Skid Row For Kids

Feelgood Pediatrics: The Mötley Croüp Copycats

Zzzzzoso: Zeppelin For Dazed and Confused Parents