CARTOON: Home Office Management

by Len Hawkins

Len Hawkins

“During the day I am an IT Support professional, but during the evenings I turn into my alter ego of a freelance cartoonist- working from my apartment in a town by the river Thames, about 25 miles from London, UK.
I have been drawing cartoons since school, where my attempts to caricature the teachers resulted in good reviews from fellow students, but less than enthusiastic ones from the teachers.
These days my work appears in a variety of magazines in the UK and overseas. One of my cartoons was also selected for inclusion in the permanent collection of drawings at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum.
I draw everything on a rather old Windows PC, using an ancient drawing software package and graphics tablet. CTRL/Z undo is a wonderful thing…
When not supporting IT, or drawing cartoons, I enjoy scouring flea markets and thrift stores for all things Mid Century Modern- an era which reflects my own personal vintage too.