Deluxe Features Of Local Haunted Houses In Your Area!

Moorecrest Manor, 1142 Autumn Harvest Lane

Walls bleed extremely rare blood type AB negative, so ideal for charity blood drive location.
Portal to Hell greatly reduces heating bills during the winter.
Ghost of little girl in the attic can be listed as a dependent on tax forms.


The Old McUrthy Place, 1748 Silent Murmur Estates

Possessed ventriloquist puppet a great co-host for your podcast.
TVs refuse to play religious programming, greatly discouraging Republican family members from visiting.
Blood from kitchen / bathroom faucets can be bagged and sold to local goth teens.


The Mansion On Dorchester Road, 13666 Brittle Birch Cove

Screams from the basement at 3 AM great as a reminder to get up and do your Peloton.
Being groped by malevolent spirit an excellent way to prepare for online dating following your messy divorce.
Regular visits from your local exorcist can save you $$$ re Uber / Grub Hub, as he passes plenty of good places to eat on the way to your new house.