Little-Known ‘Shazam!’ Movie Facts

While Shazam has no weakness similar to Superman’s Kryptonite problem, his costume does cause rashes in a few uncomfortable places.

Shazam is a very powerful character from the magic side of the DC Universe, but not quite powerful enough to cast a spell to make the world forget the Justice League movie.

In a surprising twist, Shazam’s costume inadvertently garners hm the title of winner in the latest season of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Putting an immature, hot-headed goober into a position of such power does seem very irresponsible, but we do similar things with the role of President Of The United States, so why not?

Shazam ends up fighting a vigorous battle with the Seven Deadly Sins, although he does go easy on Lust so that he can ask her to prom later.

One would definitely need impressive super powers in order to avoid the multiple beatings one would surely incur while wearing Shazam’s super hero outfit.

Shazam’s red costume doesn’t necessarily infer that he’s a Conservative, but seeing as he prays to a forgotten wizard and hangs out with preteen boys, he certainly fits the profile.

Catching your wife taking a bath with Zachary Levi isn’t the same as her catching you playing with a Shazam action figure in the tub.