CARTOON: Boothless

Man of (might have to) steal some pants. Today's cartoon by Paul Lander and Dan McConnell.

REVIEW: The Batman

It’s Emo Batman Versus the Zodiac Killer in a Reboot That—if Anything—Is Shorter Than Justice League


That bulb is gonna need changing soon. Today's cartoon by Tom Chitty.

How Has The Pandemic Affected Those In The DC Universe?

Wonder Woman now using her lasso of truth to determine whether those around her have truly had their vaccinations.

The Cartoon Pad w/ guest Sam Viviano

This week the Cartoon Pad talks with the one and only Sam Viviano of MAD magazine fame and misfortune. We delve into Sam’s start, his acclaimed career and his take on MAD’s end.

CARTOON: Hallmark Heroes

Crush your enemy, by sending your best. Today's cartoon by The Surreal McCoy.

The Joker's Favorite Practical Jokes

Using a sheet of cling-wrap, place a transparent barrier between the seat and lid of your victim's commode.    When they next attempt to use the facilities, they will be in for an unpleasant surprise, as will the Caped Crusader, who will be savagely devoured by a swarm of vicious crocodiles unleashed upon Wayne Enterprises by yours truly!

An Intervention For Batman

Bruce, I'm so sorry that its come to this, but we're going to have you committed to Arkham Asylum...

Little-Known 'Shazam!' Movie Facts

Shazam is a very powerful character from the magic side of the DC Universe, but not quite powerful enough to cast a spell to make the world forget the Justice League movie.

A Class-Action Lawsuit Against Wayne Enterprises

Pursuant to Gotham City legal statutes, you are hereby given notice that my clients, your former employees, intend to commence a class-action lawsuit against Wayne Enterprises and its subsidiaries to demand change to the abusive working conditions at Wayne Tech Fulfillment Centers. Many are scared to take bathroom breaks as your employee handbook frequently states “CRIME DOESN’T TAKE A BREAK!”

Holy Moley Genitals, Batman! Other Times That Batman Has Exposed His Penis...

The Justice League's Christmas Parties, 1984 - 1997, at which point HR had to step in and get involved.

Batman and Superman: AN ORAL HISTORY

Superman: Oh, yeah, we were tight. Me and Bats? Are you kidding?…