#Live Tweeting the Wait Line for Slinky Dog Roller Coaster

We reached Toy Story Land and the first ride the kids want to go on is the Slinky Dog rollercoaster, over my vote for Spinning Martians.

Now on the line.  The sign says 120 minutes, but I’m sure that’s an exaggeration.

Oh, a marching band of the toy army soldiers just passed by!  How fun!

Still on line.  I’m thinking now maybe the wait time was in Celsius…

Still live tweeting.  Still in line. Still.

A cast member just handed me a Time Necklace.  I am now an official time monitor!  This will help note the wait time for the people behind us!

Based on my Time Necklace, the people at the end of the line are going to age out of this ride.

Things are moving now!  We just moved up 5 places!  Oh, wait, it seems a family ahead of us passed out and are being removed from the line.  Still, we’re moving up!

Oh, another marching band of army soldier figures just passed by! Wow!

I can still see my mom, who didn’t want to go on the ride, waiting on the Tinker Toy bench.  How is that possible?

Did the couple up ahead just get a Grub Hub delivery?  Maybe we should have packed a sandwich for the line.

My Time Necklace battery just died.  That can’t be good.

The kid up ahead has been crying.  I don’t know why, he had a nice long nap waiting on this line.

Those damn marching soldiers are back!  Why don’t they melt???

I’m now tweeting from my daughter’s phone.  The battery in my phone died.

Finally, I can’t see Mom.  At last we’re making progress.

Oh, wait, Mom texted me.  She got tired of waiting and went to go on the Spinning Martians ride.

Apparently, we’ve been on this line so long, my daughter is now tall enough to get on the ride.

We’re getting closer!  I can hear the start of the ride’s premise video.

Wait, the pre-ride show stopped…they just announced the ride is shut down for service.  My daughter groaned then said at least we didn’t waste our Fast Pass on it.  Wait, I have Fast Passes????