Level With Me…How Exactly Is The Multiverse Different From Our Universe?

Crypto currency is still a thing, but is represented by large mason jars filled with porridge.

From her vast oceanside fortress, and within a cybernetic body made of flesh-rending torture devices, Mariah Carey rules with a literal iron fist.   On the plus side, she allows everyone to have free cable.

No chicken nuggets; instead, unicorn nuggets.

Roe v Wade has never been reversed, but unfortunately, in the multiverse Roe v Wade is the title of a popular WWE wrestling bout.

There is no Star Trek, but there are still plenty of other reasons why guys can’t get laid.

Rodeos are the most popular sport in America rather than football, with saddle sores given the same serious consideration as concussions are given in our universe.

Little Debbie is not the name of a snack cake conglomerate, but rather a rogue gathering of nano-machines that have somehow gained sentience, and regularly terrorize the populace with violent murder and admittedly hilarious prank phone calls.

Nudity has been outlawed, but porn has not; so its basically just a bunch of making out and dry-humping.

Clowns are not treated with fear, but rather are a welcome sight, due mostly to their pockets full of free meth.

There is no expression similar to “I love you.”, but more than 3, 750 phrases that essentially mean “Eat my ass.”.