Quiz: Apology from a Jan. 6 Rioter or Comment After a 6-Hour Game of Monopoly?

  1. I can’t believe I got roped into it

  1. I went to jail at the worst possible time

  1. Mortgaging my property to help me get back on my feet was humbling

  1. Some members of my family are disgusted with me

  1. I made an impulsive decision while on Pennsylvania Avenue

  1. I felt so isolated during the pandemic that I just wanted to do something as part of a group

  1. Unflattering pictures of me showed up on social media afterward

  1. I’m lucky I wasn’t shot

  1. I should’ve walked away when I saw all those mustachioed white guys who looked the same

  1. I thought I’d at least get a commemorative coin out of the whole thing

  1. Now I see how the 1% takes advantage of us to do their bidding

  1. I missed a call from my boss and ended up losing my job

  1. I kept looking around for a noose

  1. I never should’ve left my hotel on New York Avenue

  1. I’ll never do it again, unless we can keep it under 90 minutes

Answer Key:

1,3,4,7,10,12,14 = Rioter apology 

2,5,6,8,9,11,13 = Post-game Monopoly comment

15 = Both