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Quiz: Are You a Worker Under Late Stage Capitalism or a Monkey Trying to Type Shakespeare as Part of the Infinite Monkey Theorem?

Do you work the typical 9am-5pm workday schedule?

A. Technically, yes. But my boss regularly emails me at night and on the weekends.

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Have your wages kept up with the cost of living?

A. No. I haven’t received a raise in years! And my company doesn’t offer cost of living increases to keep apace with inflation, either.

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Do you receive paid sick leave and/or the following benefits: healthcare, vision care, dental insurance, parental leave, subsidized child care?

A. Alright, now I feel like you’re rubbing it in.

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How much do you make relative to your boss? What about the CEO? The company shareholders?

A. Just you asking that question makes me want to bash my skull against this keyboard.

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Do you feel valued as an employee?

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If you answered mostly As: you’re a worker trying to make ends meet in late stage capitalism, which prioritizes profits over people. Don’t stop working!!! Your work is important and leading somewhere.

If you answered mostly Bs: you’re a monkey trying to type the works of Shakespeare as part of the Infinite Monkey Theorem. Don’t stop typing!!! Your work is important and leading somewhere.