Rejected Candy Slogans

Toblerone: Chocolate. For neutral people.


3 Musketeers: Do you like big hats?


Smarties: Candy for dummies.


Airheads: Candy for smarties.


Mr. Goodbar: The alternative is worse.


Whatchamacallit: A shenanigan wrapped in a kerfuffle.


Snickers: Do you love the smell of nougat in the morning?


Eat-More: Just peel and stick.


Nestle Crunch: Like a squish with a backbone.


Pop Rocks: All of the sizzle, none of the steak.


Cadbury Flake: You are what you eat.


Hershey’s Kisses: Ready in 5 minutes.


Yorkie: Woof!


Aero: Chocolate-covered nothing.


Good & Plenty:Maybe &Probably.


Fun Dip: Loosen your tie.


Mackintosh’s Toffee: We were trying to make fudge and this happened.


Laffy Taffy: How tight are your fillings?


Baby Ruth: Baby Sporty (Ginger, Scary, Posh).


Mr. Big: Warts and all.


Hubba Bubba: Yabba-Dabba-Bubbles


Clark Bar: Breakfast of bachelors.


Caramello: If you cut it, it’ll ooze.


Yoghurt Chips: It will if you hit it hard enough.


Double Bubble: When one isn’t enough.


Skittles: Stays crunchy in gravy.


Fruit Roll-ups: Slide into most ATMs.


Starburst: Red 40 never tasted so good.


Reese’s Pieces: Peanut butter shrapnel.


Butterfinger: Cry ‘Butter!’ and let slip the fingers of war.


Gummy Worms: For gummy people.


Gummy Bears: Oven safe.


M&M’s: Scrabble expansion pack.


Tootsie Pop: Lasts longer than most sex.


Jelly Babies: Now 42% less unsightly.


Swedish Fish: No assembly required.


Jawbreakers: The nuclear option for food fights.


Peeps: Ant bait.


Werther’s Originals: 10% better than Werther’s Knock-Offs.


Kit Kat: Conceivable!


Oh Henry: Enjoy it. From both ends.


Milkybar: The other white chocolate.


Twix: The monogamous treat.


Thrills Gum: Try it again. This time you might like it.


Cadbury Creme Egg: Celebrate the Resurrection.


Pez: It’s not sperm.


Milk Duds: Form a tight adhesive bond in 3 seconds.


Nerds: If we called them merdes, the French wouldn’t eat them.


Tootsie Roll: Try it with butter.


Candy Corn:Looks like earwax. Tastes like sunshine.


Maltesers: Because Darwin was right.