Failed Halloween Treats

2 Girls 1 Peanut Butter Cup

Bjork Peppermint Patty

Applesauce with razor blade


Fun Size Buggeredfingered

Baby Ruth Ginsberg

S & Ms Candy

Della Reese’s Pieces

Children of the Corn Candy

Kitty Kitty Kit Kats

Rolos used to be Marco Rolos

Gummy polar bears

Jelly chickpeas

Fresh water taffy

Caramel-Coated Pine Cones

Topless Trading Cards Featuring Photos Of Your Mom In Her 20’s

Candy Cigarettes, Now With Real Tobacco!

Loose M&Ms from a hobo’s pocket

Cabbage-Flavored Twizzlers

by @paul_lander @joshfeinblatt @kitlively @rachelkeller27