Rejected Summer Camp Activities

Running with scissors (@amygcb)

Guess Who’s Jewish (@colinob)

Digging graves (@JamesLuzbetak)

Peanut Allergy Russian Roulette (@chrisforfree)

Real life battle royale (@joeyoungcomedy)

Swimming out to the middle of the lake and retrieving the empty canoe that Kevin (RIP) fell out of (@important_celeb)

The Purge (@Beachblue2015)

Macrame iPhone Covers (@Beachblue2015)

Sexual Identity Reveal Hour (@MarinaMularz)

Find the Bug (@Beachblue2015)

Is it an alligator?  (@BaileyFink)

Farts and crafts (@leighcesiro)

Poking dead animals with a stick

Crisis Acting 101

Wild berry tasting

Making archenemy bracelets

Trade Wars!

“Talking Camp” The post camp wrap up show with Chris Hardwick

Help counselors write their college admissions essays

Wasted Talent Show

Capture the flag but with DACA kids.

Duck, duck, ICE agent

Try to get into the Popular Camp to do their activities

Human centipede

Arts and craft beers

Mystery Meat ID

Popularity Contest & Banishment


Field amputations

Clean the wasp nest

Border crossing

Spin the virgin


Bear cub toss

Pin the tail on the DACA kid

Poison Ivy bonsai

Swimming with brain-eating parasites

Philadelphia greased lamppost climbing

Hunger Games

Fat shaming


Spin the pill bottle

Identify the Vomit

Chain Letter STDs

Kool Aid and Tears Tie-Dye

Cage time!


Match the refugee with the parents they’ve just been separated from

Dig to Canada

Permanent hide and seek

Bong making

Coal walking

Firecracker hot potato


Drag queen bingo

Leak the detention center footage

ropes course on the ground

Grizzly bear yoga

Searching for little Johnny

Parent Trapping