Some Other CEO Secrets 

There has been an awful lot of talk lately concerning Theranos founder and former CEO Elizabeth Homes and her so-called “fake voice.”

Personally, we think that’s more than a little sexist. Sure, she defrauded Silicon Valley for millions, and yes, maybe she provided hundreds of people with false blood tests…But really, do you think other CEOs aren’t hiding secrets of similar magnitude?

Well, we did some deep diving, and dug up some dirt on some of the richest, most influential executives in the business. If nothing else, we hope it provides you with some new perspective.

Mark Zuckerberg, an intensely private person, showers in his bathing suit.



Jeff Bezos does the majority of his shopping through the catalogs in the back of his Jughead comics.




In an effort to “get away from it all,” Bill and Melinda Gates will often vacation in a small, one-bedroom apartment with no windows. 



Tim Cook hasn’t updated since the iPhone 4. Says he “doesn’t see the point.”



Despite Tesla’s environmentally friendly posturing, Elon Musk is a fervent climate change denier.



Richard Branson is, indeed, a virgin.