Sonic The Hedgehog Tips & Tricks!!!

Level 7:  The Volcano Fortress


As Sonic approaches the flaming bridge following the lava-gauntlet, have him stand right at the edge of the Spire Pyre.    On your control pad, quickly use the following combination of button clicks:    L, 3, 8, R, 2.2.3,L,4B, 3.1.RRL, 4, 2, 1, R,3, and then the same twice in reverse.    Your control pad will quickly run out of power, and while you’re changing it’s batteries you can come up with a solution to the level.


Level 16:  Fury Of Furry Forest


Dr. Robotnik has turned all of the forest’s creatures into mindless robot slaves, so now all of his former friends are coming after Sonic with a vengeance!    They strike in such large numbers that all seems lost for Sonic, but wait!     You’re Sonic the Hedgehog, you know Jim Carrey!!   You’ve made two movies together thus far, and he even had your over to his So You Think You Can Dance watching party, for Christ sakes!    You’ve got his private number, so simply give him a call and within minutes an army of PETA agents will be on the scene in order to deal with the fallout of this animal to cyborg disaster.


Level 24:  Subterranean Gem Castle


This level contains a hidden room where you can grab a few much-needed extra lives for later in the game.    Simply enter through the door hidden behind the wall of seaweed by creating a spin-attack to break through; behind this door is a Baptist church, where you can quickly become a member and thereby receive eternal lives through our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.    This also comes in handy later in the game, where feeling morally superior and pompous can assist you in causing Dr. Robotnik to feel unsure of his own religion and life choices.


Level 38:   Submerged Pyramid City


Level 38 is easily one of the most challenging of this Sonic The Hedgehog adventure.   Aside from being completely underwater, enemies come at you constantly, and from every direction.   Probably the best way to traverse this level is by locating a clear dome / force field that can protect you as you complete your tasks.    In order to procure such an item, you’ll need to go online and play with a group of other gamers, and in this case comprised totally of Generation Z members.    They can easily advise you how to move through life protected inside a bubble, untouched and unoffended by anyone or anything.   You may have to greatly increase your online social media presence as well.


Level 50:   Robotnik’s Asylum Of Doon


Dr. Robotnik has truly bested himself this time.    A cavernous nightmare of distorted funhouse mirrors, beastly doppelgangers and spinning, whirling blades at every turn.    Death and loss seem inevitable at this point, until it occurs to you:   Those series of Tweets about immigrants that Dr. Robotnik posted back in 2014!    A quick peek at the screen captures that you’ve been holding onto for the past eight years provides you with all that’s needed to save the day, as well as Dr. Robotnik’s grudging agreement to calm down with the crazy shit for awhile.