President Trump’s Favorite Things About The Government Shutdown

You might think that Trump would be a bit concerned and unhappy about the recent government shutdown, being that it comes at the same time as his one year anniversary as president, and at a time when his administration is under much turmoil.    If that’s the case, then you’re apparently giving the situation more thought than anyone in the GOP.    Here’s a collection of reasons why Trump is actually thrilled by the shutdown.

Now he can finally sleep in until noon or 1 pm, rather than having to drag himself to the office at 11 am.


Turning off all of the machines, computers, and other gizmos that normally run 24/7 in the White House will save him quite a bit of money on his electric bill.


He can move his Executive Time from the his office in the White House to the golf course at Mar-a-Lago, and probably get as much accomplished.


Can have that third McDonald’s filet o’ fish sandwich without anyone on the White House staff making a wisecrack.


No more dread at the thought of creepy eunuch Mike Pence suddenly showing up at the Oval Office.


He’s relieved to get a break from being woken up repeatedly by the loud Illuminati parties in the basement of the White House.


Can finally spend a few days not having to pretend that he believes in any of that kooky church stuff.


He believes that shutting down the government is like a reset button, so it will be like none of this previous horrible stuff had ever happened.