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Lesser Known Characters From The Star Wars Universe

Torvin Gharr

Friendly bog creature that Princess Lea bullied daily in high school.   Made a fortune with her popular website, Bog Blog.


R2D2’s Jamaican cousin.     Relieved of Jedi-duty due to an extreme Wookie hair allergy.

Nanneth Korv

Exotic dancer at the Death Star’s gentlemen’s club, The Emperor Says “No Clothes!”.   Frozen in carbonite for causing Darth Vader to suffer messy embarrassment during a lap dance.


Middle-aged (4000 + years old) member of the Sand Guilde.    Works weekends as Jabba The Hutt’s official cleansing engineer.  (butt-wiper)

Blargle Korfph

Hyper-intelligent mucous orb.   Caught HPV from Boba Fett during a hot-tub party back in college.

Vincent Price Is Right

Secret weapon being devised by the Empire; a clone combing the DNA of Vincent Price with the DNA of Bob Barker.    Unable to control without significant Empire-staff casualties, ultimately received two laser blasts to the back of the head.


C3PO’s less hygienic cousin.    Somewhat infamous for creating YoohooPorn, home to thousands of chocolate milk enema videos.

Tangy Wangy

Sentient boil on the left buttock of Han Solo.    Provides sound tactical advice during the heat of battle, and always has a sympathetic ear during times of crisis.   Was accidentally popped while Han Solo attempted to squeeze into a Stormtrooper uniform.

Greedo In A Speedo

Greedo insists this is a distant relative of his, but rumors persist that he’s simply attempting to explain away photos from an illegal Tatooine swingers club.

Vlardth .03

Empire droid built and programmed to send out a constant stream of Darth Vader’s dick pics.